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Post-Faustus Thoughts

Bella and Emma post bump-out

Here we are at the end of Doctor Faustus, totally and utterly cooked. However, we couldn't be happier, so here is a small (cooked) message from your presidents:

There is something so deeply moving, inspiring, perhaps even fulfilling, to consistently walk into a space filled with young passionate people. Hardworking students, volunteering their time and skills to form a cohesive and reflexive team across the board with tech, crew and cast.

We were asked quite a few times over the course of Doctor Faustus whether it is possible for students to create complex, believable stories. We think, without a doubt, that it absolutely is. That we absolutely can. Taking risks, wanting, caring, laughing and throwing yourself into hard (fun) work lies at the heart of PLoT.

We love student theatre.

Thanks to everyone. Really. Thank you.

(Especially you Morgan Read!)

Bella & Emma Xoxo

(Ps. Bella would like to say "I am a scrappy underdog and I love it")

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