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Message from the President

Message from the President


Hello all!

We’ve been flat out over the past few weeks here at PLoT with a lot of small events taking place since Semester 1 kicked off at UTAS this year. Many of you will be receiving an email for the first time, having signed up at O-Day a few weeks back. We signed up a truckload of new members and it was great to meet a few of you on the day. The society has been kicking around for twenty years this year and its success depends on bringing in new talent every year. I hope that we’ll see a few of you at shows and auditions into the future.

David Huf (L) and James Osler (R) at O-Day 2015

We were also well represented at the inaugural Tasmanian Theatre Awards this year; PLoT was there both for a couple of nominations for last year’s production of Hamlet and as performers as part of a short sketch assembled by Andrew Casey of REACT Drama School. We also cleaned up at the TUU’s Society Council Awards this year, receiving a total of four awards including Best Society and Best Special Interest Group.

Treasurer Tai Gardner (L) with President CJ Bowers (R) with Jon Lenthal at the 2015 Errol Awards.  Photography: Tasmanian Photographic Society, All Rights Tasmanian Theatre Council

We’ve also kicked off our rehearsals for our first production of 2015, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Auditions were a blast this year, and a big thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to come in and have a bash at the process. I’m really pleased with the cast we’ve put together, and I know they’re going to put on a hell of a show. Your cast for Twelfth Night is below:

Viola ………. Bella Young

Orsino ………. Marcus Johnson

Malvolio ………. Ben Armitage

Olivia ………. Ava Campbell

Sir Toby Belch ………. Tai Gardner

Sir Andrew Aguecheek ………. Taylor Lidstone

Maria ………. Grace Woodward

Feste ………. Emma Skalicky

Sebastian ………. Tim Hurd

Antonio ………. James Osler

Fabian ………. Topher Webster

Sea Captain ………. Thomas McManus

Curia ……….. Erin Almeida

Twelfth Night will open on May 1st and run till Saturday 9th May. Tickets are on sale now at

Cheers folks, you’ll hear from us soon!

CJ Bowers

PLoT President

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