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Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare

Directed by CJ Bowers

1st May- 8th May 2015



Bella Young: Viola
Marcus Johnson: Orsino
Ben Armitage: Malvolio
Ava Campbell: Olivia
Tai Gardner: Sir Toby Belch
Taylor Lidstone: Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Grace Woodward: Maria
Emma Skalicky: Feste
Tim Hurd: Sebastian
James Osler: Antonio
Topher Webster: Fabian
Thomas McManus: Sea Captain/First Officer
Erin Almeida: Curia/Priest


PLoT Theatre Society proudly presents our first production of 2015, a staging ofWilliam Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy Twelfth Night.

Set during the Mad-Men era, Twelfth Night embraces both the glamour and the darkness of the early 1960s.  Both hilarious and poignant, Twelfth Night tells the story of two twins, separated at sea and forced into an unknown and mysterious land, where loyalty, love and friendship are constant and never what they seem.  Featuring one of the most ambitious locations we have attempted to portray onstage; we’ll be transporting the beach into the theatre, as our talented cast bring Shakespeare to life on the shores of the sea.


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