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Romeo & Juliet

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by CJ Bowers and David Huf

2nd-5th October 2015



Byron Smith - Romeo
Ashlee McAllister - Juliet
Ava Campbell - Mercutia
Ben Harvey - Benvolio
Mark Morgan - Capulet
Melissa Cuthbertson -Lady Capulet
Michael Bruce - Paris
Angela Warren - Nurse/Lady Montague
Stuart Nichols - Montague
Aidan Lyle - Tybalt
Jon Lenthall - Prince Escalus
David Morgan - Friar Laurence
Bella Young - Peta
Charlotte Quinn-Watson - Georgette/Apothecary
James Osler - Abraham
Sam Campbell - Sampson
Kate Hurford - Sister Joan


"A tale of woe in Nazi occupied France."

One of Shakespeare's most popular plays, the story of star-crossed lovers takes place upon a backdrop of rebellion and conflict. Directors CJ Bowers and David Huf provide their take on Shakespeare's tragedy, transporting the story to occupied Paris at the height of the Nazi conquest of Europe.

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