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like, dead

By Richard Jordan

Directed by Jon Lenthall

9th August- 15th August 2015



Clare- Samantha Lush

Zack- Ben Harvey

Sarah- Deborah Wong

John- Brent Basstian

Mark- Harrison Smith

PLoT Theatre Society proudly presents our second major production for the year, Richard Jordan's "Like, Dead"

A wannabe diva, a closet gay, a Token Asian, and an absolute tosser. Oh, and a dead guy.

Welcome to the 20th birthday party of Mark Chadwick - recently deceased. In fact, so recently that his "intimate gathering of close friends and acquaintances" don't quite know what to do with him, and what's worse, his party's an absolute fizzer. Still, one mustn't let a little thing like death get in the way of a good time...

"Like, Dead" is a darkly surreal comedy with the works: "Music! Glitz! Glamour!... Streamers!" and everything in between. Throw in a dead cat, an 80s revival dance sequence and a healthy dose of cannibalism, and get ready for one of the strangest parties you will ever attend. With a heady mix of humour laced with pathos, like, dead explores concepts of image, sex, race and identity within the most death-defying culture of them all - youth. What does it mean to be immortal? To be Australian? To be alive?

Directed by Jon Lenthall and staring Samantha Lush, Ben Harvey, Deborah Wong, Brent Basstian and Harrison Smith, "Like, Dead" is a fantastic Australian play performing at the Peacock Theatre and something just a little different for our 2015 season.

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