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By William Shakespeare

Directed by Tai Gardner

5th June- 13th June 2014



CJ Bowers: Hamlet
Chris Hamley: Claudius
Melissa Cuthbertson: Gertrude
Deidree McMaster: Polonius
Bene McGeown: Ophelia
Jon Lenthall: Laertes
Grace Woodward: Horatio
Kate Choraziak: Rosencrantz
Taylor Lidstone: Guildenstern
Tim Hurd: Marcellus/Gravedigger
Kate Hurford: Bernardo
Thomas McManus: Player King
James Osler: Osric

Tom Hogan: Gravedigger


PLoT Theatre Society celebrates the Bard’s 450th birthday with their production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Its popularity has endured the ages, its language, themes and questions a constant companion to each generation of actors and audiences. Directed by society regular Tai Gardner, this intimate production is stripped-down and fast paced, its focus firmly upon the troubled prince of Denmark. A tale of murder, madness and revenge exploring the burden of uncertainty in a timeless setting.


 "...excellent casting and intriguing direction" -Gemma Burgess, Togatus


" oddly surrealist- perhaps even nihilist- feel" -Amber Wilson, TasTimes


Tas Theatre Award Nominations:

Best Director (Community Theatre): Tai Gardner

Best Performance- Female (Community Theatre): Melissa Cuthbertson


Togatus Review     Tasmanian Times Review

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