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Bouncers & Shakers

By John Godber

Directed by CJ Bowers

Co-Directed by Tim Hurd and Breanna Geer

1st May- 8th May 2015



Gerard Webb- Eric

Tai Gardner- Ralpjh

Ben Harvey- Les

David Huf- Judd


Tara Carol- Mel

Emalisa White- Carol

Grace Burdick- Adele

Molly Hanson- Nicky


"It's cold outside, but they don't care..."


PLoT Theatre Society presents two of the most well-loved British comedies, John Godber's Bouncers and Shakers. 


Depicting a typical night out on the town, complete with drunken antics, personal soap operas and the ever-present allure of sex Bouncers and Shakers follows the experiences of the jaded bouncers and waitresses who serve the pub patrons and party goers.  Universal in their appeal, both plays are hilarious and poignant in their stylised portrayal of urban nightlife.


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